Stressing out about your real estate? Behind in mortgage payments? Co-op, condo, or house heading towards or in foreclosure? Or interested in investing in real estate? We're here to help you! To us, the homeowner's interests always come first!
  Our business is to advise existing or would-be homeowners and investors on creative financial solutions regarding their real estate needs and goals. We are doing this as trained real estate and mortgage consultants, not as realtors or brokers. We specialize in helping distressed homeowners deal with issues such as foreclosures and defaults, ideally helping preserve credit ratings from further deterioration and often netting some cash as well.
  We are knowledgeable advocates for the homeowner, seeking the best possible solutions for each individual person and situation. We can often direct you to better solutions to your situation even if we cannot help you ourselves.

"Of all the people I have dealt with about my house and my loans, the only ones I could really trust were Margaret and Leslie: they stuck with me until we got my situation right again!"
                     — Ruby J., Richmond, Virginia

Margi Haas Leslie Austin
Margaret Haas Leslie Austin
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